Month: September 2018

  • LAAG Episode 21 Miracle Venom

    Welcome to another LAAGCast! A little more No Man’s Sky chat, but overall no gaming check in. In TV & Film, we’re covering the latest Venture Bros and Always Sunny. […]

  • LAAG Episode 20 – Fantastic War

    Hey folks! Brief gaming talk this week as Sam & Max are still mostly unable to break away from No Man’s Sky, except for Max’s brief foray into the nostalgic […]

  • LAAG Episode 19 – It's Always Sunny at the Compound

    Thanks for checking out the LAAGCast! No gaming check in this week as we’re both still creeping through No Man’s Sky. In TV & Film, Sam and Max weight in […]

  • LAAG Episode 17 – Silent Country

    Thanks for checking out the LAAGCast! (Sorry about the late upload: things have been a bit tumultuous around here, but we're hopefully back on track. We recorded this one shortly […]

  • LAAG Episode 18 – No Man's Venture

    Hey folks, sorry about the extended delay, but we’re back, slightly revamped, and looking forward to bringing you a great show once again! In TV & Film this week , […]