Month: October 2018

  • LAAG Episode 25 – Back To The Disco

    Thanks for checking out the LAAGCast! In video games, Max finished up Spider-Man on PS4, and gets spoilery about the ending and possibilities for the sequel. In TV & Film, […]

  • LAAG Episode 24 – Callister Smash

    It’s the LAAGCast! In TV & Film, we talk about the Venture Bros finale, two episodes of Always Sunny, and The Star Trek Episode of Black Mirror. And in comics, […]

  • LAAG Episode 23 – Solo Fantasy

    Welcome to a very special LAAGCast! In gaming, Sam & Max tried out Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Wil rejoined the guys for a bit to talk up his latest obsession, Battlerite […]

  • LAAGCast Episode 22 – Terrific Doomsday

    Thanks for checking out the LAAGCast! Max played a bit of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. In TV & Film, we’re covering the latest Venture Bros and […]