LAAG Episode 18 – No Man's Venture

Hey folks, sorry about the extended delay, but we’re back, slightly revamped, and looking forward to bringing you a great show once again!

In TV & Film this week , Sam and Max check in with the first 4 episodes of season 7 of The Venture Bros.

In Gaming (11:48), Max and Sam talk about their individual plunges into the expansive galaxy of No Man’s Sky: NEXT.

And in comics, (28:09) we read Batman #53, Batman: Kings of Fear #1, The Terrifics #7, The Joker & Daffy Duck #1, Hawkman #3, Action Comics #1002, Justice League #6, Venom: First Host #1, Web of Venom: Ve’Nam #1, and Venom #5

All that, plus another 3 additions to the Star Trek Character List.

We’ll be back a lot sooner this time!

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