LAAGCast 16 – Alien… ALIENS!!!

Welcome to the LAAGCast!

This week in games, Sam and Wil played some more of the updated Enter the Gungeon, Sam played some Mass Effect, and Max started out on Shadow of War.

In TV & Film (18:53) Sam went on a classic movie binge with Die Hard, Alien, and Aliens, while Max went back to the simpler times with Pleasantville.

And in comics, (56:16) we read Doomsday Clock#6, The Terrifics #6, The Immortal Hulk #3, Justice League Dark #1, Marvel 2-in-One #8, Venom #4, The Sentry #2, X-Men: Grand Design Second Genesis #1, and Action Comics #1001.

All this plus outrageous news, Star Trek Ranks, and the Transformer of the Week.

See you next time.

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