LAAGCast Episode 1 – FarCry5 and Dark Knights: Metal Conclusion

The inagural episode of the LAAGCast! Join hosts Wil Henry, Sam Richards, and Max Williams, AKA the League of Above-Average Gamers, as they go over what they loved and didn’t like about the games, shows, movies, and comics they’ve been enjoying for the last week.

On this episode:

In games, Sam and Wil discuss their first impressions of the newly-released action shooter Far Cry 5, while Max gives his final thoughts on mobile JRPG Bravely Second. Plus Sam and Wil give an update on their ongoing adventures in online multiplayer action excavation simulator Deep Rock Galactic.

In TV/Film, the gang catches up on the 3rd episode of the 3rd season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and also go into some thoughts on the first season of the modern classic anime series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Finally, in this week’s comic rundown, the gang discusses Moon Knight #189, Superman #43 & 44, Batman #43, The Terrifics #2, Marvel 2-in-1 #5, Venom #164, Venomized #1, and Dark Knights Metal #6.

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