LAAGCast Episode 11 – E3 and the Seas

Welcome to the LAAGCast E3 2018 roundup episode!

In gaming, we dig into everything that excited us from this years E3, Plus Wil tried out Sid Meier’s Pirates! And Sam and Wil tried out another exploratory co-op game with Salt.

In TV & Films (40:40) Sam and Max can’t get over how good the latest Westworld was, and aren’t too unhappy with Deadpool 2 either.

And in comics, (101:53) it was a doozy of a week with S.H.I.E.L.D. #6, Hawkman #1, Venom #2, Mister Miracle #9, The Immortal Men #3, Oblivion Song #4, Thor #1, Marvel 2-in-One Annual #1, Thrawn #5, the Magic Order #1, Bloodstrike Brutalists #0, and the Man of Steel #3

All this plus an Outrageous Thing of the Week, three more characters on the Star Trek List (Qapla’!), and of course Tranformer of the Week.

Take care and thanks for tuning in.

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