LAAGCast Episode 12 – Ancient Egypt, Nuclear War, Space Exploration

Welcome back to the LAAGCast!

For games, Sam & Max hit the roads of the Commonwealth in Fallout 4, Max is inspired by the sequel for the trailer to run through Ori and the Blind Forest again, Sam & Wil play around in another sandbox with Astroneer, and Wil talks about the first chunk of Assassin’s Creed: Origins.

In TV & Film (20:53) Sam and Max go in depth on the last two episodes of Westworld’s superlative second season.

And in comics, (48:44) we read The Sentry #1, Moon Knight #196, Marvel 2-in-One #7, The Terrifics #5, Weapon H #4, Venom #3, Thor #2, Justice League #2, New Challengers #2, Batman #49, and The Man of Steel #’s 4 and 5.

All this plus outrageous news, Star Trek Ranks, and a new Transformer of the Week.

That’s all folks!

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