LAAGCast Episode 14 – Fringe Science

And without delay enjoy another fantastic episode the LAAGCast.

This week Sam and Max played a little Fallout 4 but Sam has moved on at least temporarily to Final Fantasy X, a LAAGCast favorite. Sam and Wil tried playing Spirit Animal Survival, a new super early access game on Steam, and Max gives his opinions on Super Meat Boy.

In TV & Film (23:22) Sam is back to watching Fringe while Max and Sam discuss the rest of Luke Cage.

And finally, in Comics (42:48) we read Star Wars: Thrawn #6, Oblivion Song #5, Hawkman #2, Bloodstrike Brutalists #2, Superman #1, and the just announced and released the next day Die!Die!Die! from Robert Kirkman.

And of course, our outragous news, Star Trek Character Rankings, and the Transformer of the Week!

Thanks for listening.

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