LAAGCast Episode 4 – Sym-byote

Hey folks! Here’s what’s in the latest LAAGCast:

With their latest gaming check-in, Max weights in on the second half of Final Fantasy XV’s campaign, while Sam goes into detail on his latest playthrough, while Wil has been getting into the brand-spanking-new God of War.

In TV, Sam talks a little about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Joseph Joestar arc, while Max can’t say enough good things about the finale of Legion’s first season. Plus the first episode of Westworld’s second season!

Comics reviewed this week: Doom Patrol #11, Thanos Annual #1,Venomized #4, Venom #165, XO Manowar #14, Moon Knight #190, Manhattan Projects #10, and The Terrifics #3.

And as always, plus character ranks and the Transformer of the Week.

Don’t forget, we always have SPOILER WARNING in effect!


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