LAAGCast Episode 7 – Westworld of Warcraft

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In games, Wil finished his playthrough of Hollow Knight, and tested out some gunplay with Sam in the top-down shooter Enter the Gungeon. Sam hopped in the way-back machine to run through some Warcraft 3, and Max checks in with his final thoughts on Pokemon UltraSun. Max also played BroForce.

In TV (21:40), Sam hops onto the train into Westworld, checking out the first episode, while Max reports on episode 4 of the second season.

In comics, (39:07), we read Star Trek: Mirror Broken #3, Batman #47, Superman Special #1, Moon Knight #191 and 192, and No Justice #2.

All this plus news, Stupid Thing of the Week, and our weekly Transformer.

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