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  • LAAGCast Episode 8 – Digital World

    Welcome to this week’s LAAGCast! This week, Wil played Titan Souls, Sam spent some more time in Warcraft 3 and another classic PC franchise: Descent, including the upcoming new release […]

  • LAAGCast Episode 7 – Westworld of Warcraft

    Thanks for checking out the LAAGCast! In games, Wil finished his playthrough of Hollow Knight, and tested out some gunplay with Sam in the top-down shooter Enter the Gungeon. Sam […]

  • LAAGCast Episode 6 – Title Goes Here

    Thanks for checking out this week’s LAAGCast! This week, the guys played a range of games both new and old. Wil tried out Mark of the Ninja a little, and […]

  • LAAGCast Episode 5 – Arrested Infinity War

    We’ve got a real dinger of an episode for you: In gaming, Wil’s loving God of War so much he has to revise his earlier rating even higher. Max played […]

  • LAAGCast Episode 4 – Sym-byote

    Hey folks! Here’s what’s in the latest LAAGCast: With their latest gaming check-in, Max weights in on the second half of Final Fantasy XV’s campaign, while Sam goes into detail […]